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We can now also determine the server speed better. For this purpose it is necessary to download this file and upload it on the web or root folder of your website. If this file is detected, the server speed can be better determined. has a Pagespeed 48

Score- performance of the 20 last tests

Pagespeed performance of Domain

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Last test from 05.11.2019 14:32 Uhr

Server-Data (36/60)

1,967 Sek.

Data: 1,246 MB (2,345 MB without compression)

Speed: 240,089 KB/s

Ping: 1.199 ms

Erster Connect nach 0,907 ms
Transfer start after Connect: 437,839 ms (Latenz*)

The Server uses Compression. The server returns the data from completely or at least partially compressed. The volume of data is saved 1,099 MB.

Website-Data (12/40)

0,816 MB with 4 Images

321,109 KB with 4 JavaScript-Files (0,978 MB not compressed)

105,851 KB with 4 CSS-Files (503,459 KB not compressed)

13,691 KB reiner HTML-Code (61,263 KB not compressed)

Loaded Images

1. /images/closemodal.png (0,770 KB)
2. /hosted/images/80/439203ce574adeab5f140b6f7b8e20/Logos.png (316,264 KB)
3. /hosted/images/0c/d4a92cb64d4b90a621ec3e7821b3b1/56823306_2483392751711585_3766813118911479808_o.jpg (110,311 KB)
4. /hosted/images/30/2260ba3db34e209d08c4f59d1e16a6/16c0d626ea4dbe8665d1b53fc15d0bd6.png (407,794 KB)

Loaded Javascript

1. (1,830 KB - 4,831 KB)
2. (7,507 KB - 30,677 KB)
3. (311,412 KB - 0,942 MB)
4. (369,000 B - 637,000 B)

Loaded CSS

1. (80,770 KB - 415,951 KB)
2. (13,599 KB - 54,655 KB)
3. (4,631 KB - 26,001 KB)
4.,700%7COswald:400,700%7CDroid+Sans:400,700%7CRoboto:400,700%7CLato:400,700%7CPT+Sans:400,700%7CSource+Sans+Pro:400,700%7CNoto+Sans:400,700%7CPT+Sans:400,700%7CUbuntu:400,700%7CBitter:400,700%7CPT+Serif:400,700%7CRokkitt:400,700%7CDroid+Serif:400,700%7CRaleway:400,700%7CInconsolata:400,700 (6,852 KB - 6,852 KB)

Summary (48/100)

Score: 48 / 100


Country is us

Load time: Very good!

Connection: Good!

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Note: The speed of a web server can be determined only good if at least 10 MB can be transferred to compute a good average of it.. Therefore, this value should be used only as a rough guide.

On Mass Hosting you can not do much in the rule, because the is the responsibility of the web host. Sites hosted abroad, usually have worse ping times and poorer speed. Who hosts on a discount , the server notifies usually with several hundred others and thereby servers are almost always congested.

Data: A visitor has approximately 1,3 MB download until the page has finished!

Ping: 1.199 ms is a perfect Ping time!

Latency: Lahm
The server returns later the requested data! Who runs a blog or shop here should check plugins that connect externally ( Facebook & trade; etc , Twitter & trade;;, Amazon & trade.) Stopping and loading of the website.


Images: OK, under a MB with 4 graphics!
Thats ok, if a photo-site has been tested. If not, you should think about optimizing Images. Less is more ...

JavaScript: Too much!!
If possible, the scripts should be checked if everything really is, and whether you can merge script.

CSS: very much.
If possible, the stylesheets should be checked if everything really is, and whether you can merge script.

HTML: Super, under 30 KB!

Pagespeed only measures the main domain (
(not or
Subfolders or the submission of certain files are being filtered out.

Google ™ Tests have shown that pages with a loading time of > 4 Sek. are left instantly 90% more often. The speed tests are conducted by a dedicated server in Germany with a 120 GigaBit connection.

What is measured and how?

Pagespeed only measures the direct loading time of the page, JavaScripts which are embedded in the header and embedded graphics. Images who are opened via CSS are not measured! So this consists only of short tests of performance and they constitute about the same what a Google-Bot does.

The results are displayed in colour. Green values are basically good, red values signify high loading/latency times and might indicate a high data volume and/or a slow reaction time. In addition, a too high data volume in certain areas is indicated.

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